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Bulk sms sending service, which is an invaluable system for individual and corporate users, is a service that will open your way for growth and profit. Thanks to the interest and dedication you show to your customers, your customer base will increase rapidly.

Bulk SMS, as we have mentioned, is a representative concept that describes the SMS traffic you can send over the internet. You don't need to do many operations. Thanks to Bulk SMS, sending is provided according to the number of people you want.

With Bulk SMS, you can ensure the security of your site and applications. You can ensure the security of all transactions carried out in the electronic environment and you can easily confirm whether the people performing these transactions are real or robots. In this regard, you will see the benefits of bulk SMS.

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Thus, whatever sector companies use, they will be able to increase their business volumes profitably;

-  Webmasters

• They can organize campaigns for their customers.
• They can provide process information about their orders.
• It can be used on websites during membership, at the login stage and in areas such as verification.

-  Tourism sector

• You can easily send a message to your customers who want support to get information from your site.
• You can inform your customers about your short-term campaigns.
• You can celebrate special days for your customers.

-  Education Sector

• You can easily convey the opinions of the teachers about the students to the parents.
• You can send the student's negative behaviors, absenteeism and scores during the day to the parents.
• You can give information about the parents.

-  Service industry

• You can easily inform your patients who have difficulty in coming to the hospital.
• You can remind your patients of their appointments.
• You can inform your client about the case.
• You can inform your customers about the increase in exchange rates.
• You can provide information about future and past debt payments.
• You can convey all kinds of information about your cargo to your customers.
• You can inform which branch your cargo from another city is delivered to.

-  Distribution Sector

• You can inform your field personnel who are in service.
As you can see, we have offered you the benefits of bulk SMS in many areas. In order to experience this easy, fast and time-consuming experience, you can review our uipapp.com site, become a member and try it, or get information.

-  Built on a Robust API

Take a look at the system!
We rely on the latest technology and tried-and-true technologies to ensure optimal and stable traffic distribution for all supported countries. Our APIs are well documented and constantly optimized. We do this to ensure we provide a solid foundation for your message-based services. Now and in the future.

-  Reliable and accessible API

UIPAPP is safely stored in Hetzner data centers in Europe. All data is protected by stringent SSL and leading security measures. With our nearly 100% uptime, you can be sure that you can always reach your buyers.
You can also choose between event-based message queue and our other sms systems.

You can check the operation of the system right away by opening a free membership today.

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