Stable and Safe Delivery

Send OTP SMS (One Time Password) and informative SMS to your customers with fast, reliable and stable delivery!

With Uipotp, which is a Uipapp service, you can safely verify the software you want with the best prices and stable delivery with the api.Verified SMS is a great way for businesses to interact with users efficiently, build trust and increase loyalty by guaranteeing secure communication.


- What is OTP SMS?

Otp SMS is a one-time password generated by your special software, limited to a temporary period and different each time. The password generated by your software is transmitted to your customer through our system via API.

- Usage Areas

Banking transactions, finance, e. It can be used in all areas such as commerce sites, online sales companies, betting sites, gigolo sites, membership transactions, other sales transactions, during login and etc.


You can send OTP SMS by integrating OTP SMS APIs with different software you use. You can create a secure access area for your customers, and enable the right and real people to interact with new customer memberships.

- Reasonable Prices and Direct Routes

With this service, which is provided using direct routes worldwide, shipments are provided within seconds. Speed ​​is very important here. Regardless of your transaction volume, we have the best infrastructure in this regard. In addition to bulk sms pricing, we give our otp sms prices more affordable.

- How can I use it?

Open a free membership now and view your API information from the panel. Submit your request by opening a support ticket and we will activate your panel. Take a step to take advantage of OTP sms quickly.

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