Send Bulk SMS with Your Android Mobile Device

Use your sms packages defined to your phone line in your country as bulk sms. Provide individual or corporate use by purchasing packages that you do not use or new packages.


- Sim SMS

Bulk sms cost varies from country to country. It also requires several procedures in some countries. One of the simple ways to overcome such situations is the sim sms system. With sim sms, you can send directly using the software infrastructure offered by UIPAPP without being stuck in the procedure.

- Send Information SMS to your customers.

You can send bulk sms to your customers. You can provide transactions with low cost and send instant notifications. In this way, it will be easier for you to inform about the status of your orders or new campaigns.

- Connect to Your Website via API

You can get our API documentation files from your panel. You can make things more automatic by integrating api on your website. To give an example; You can provide your customers with the opportunity to send a single-use password, send the status update of their order and use it for more purposes. In this way, you can avoid unnecessary costs and manage the process at more affordable prices.

- Detailed Reporting

You can follow the status of each sms message you send from your panel. Clear reporting is available in the sim sms system. Operators do not have to be stuck in the filter. For this reason, sms is forwarded directly if there is no problem with the number. If the phone is turned off, it waits in the network and is transmitted when it is turned on. In this case, you can view this status from both the panel and your phone.

- Sim SMS Pricing

UIPAPP only charges software usage fee. It provides a fixed price of €0.003 per sms sent. This is the fee we receive, and you must have a package on your line in order to complete sms sending. By opening as many accounts as you want, you can connect as many devices as you want and control them separately.

- How the System Works

The system works quite simply. Create a membership for free. Please note that you must have access to the e-mail address you provided during membership! All settings will be sent to your e-mail address.

1. Download the APK application for your android device from your panel and install it on your device.
2. Open the application on your device. With the information sent to your e-mail address, you can connect your device to the system by using the user name and password or by scanning the QR code.
3. You can send sms by uploading credits to your panel.

- Try it Free

If you are wondering how the service works, become a free member of the system and open a support ticket. Request a free trial credit from us. Connect your device to the system by following the steps in the previous item. By doing a free trial, you can examine the system and check the workflow.

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